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Wings4U mission

To give Wings to our clients and each other, so that we can build better lives and businesses.

What happens when you gather professionals in Customer Advocacy and content development from around the world and join them all together virtually? You get Wings4U.

100% remote-based agency

100% remote-based agency with a talented team spanning across the globe

Wings4U was born in the cloud, and we’ve been 100% remote ever since. That makes the entire world our playground. So, we’ve assembled a team of the best players from different corners of the globe who deliver what you need, wherever you need it.

Storytellers at heart but with a strategic mindset

Storytellers at heart but with a strategic mindset

We're a team of storytellers, production specialists, strategy builders, thinkers and, above all else, passionate people, all working together to ensure you celebrate and maximised gain from your success.

A strong culture driving fulfillment of our mission

A strong culture driving fulfillment of our mission

We believe that authenticity, openness, honesty, responsibility, and the right support are key elements to building strong, long-lasting relationships and partnerships. And this is always true  in our team, with our artists or with our clients - we always go the extra mile and never give up.


facts and figures

What's behind us


Years of experience with B2B tech corporate clients


Dedicated and passionate professionals in the core team


Creative and Marketing experts with local knowledge


Projects delivered across the globe for our beloved clients


Years building, sourcing, and running global Customer Advocacy Programs

how did we get here?

This is our story published in Forbes in an interview with our founder Maria

For our 10th anniversary, we’ve got a present. Wings4U founder Maria Sztarovics was featured among the most inspiring women in business by Slovakian Forbes magazine. She shares her story, how Wings4U was born and where we've come in the first 10 years of our journey. Click here to read the story >>

Forbes cover
Why we are a remote based company?

In today's world, thanks to plentiful communication and information technologies, there really are no borders. We can find talents wherever we need it, without needing to have a physical office there. We can enjoy working together, wherever we choose to live. We empower freedom and growth in life and business through our remote culture.

Here are several benefits to working with a remote agency



International reach

We're 100% remote, and 100% dedicated to your success. By leveraging the expertise of a global artist network across timezones, we deliver exceptional quality, wherever you are.


Global mindset, local presence

We take the best practices from all over the globe, and apply them where it counts. We keep all details in mind: culture, language, timezones and all. We're used to it - that's just how we always work!


Multicultural team by default

We work with global brands to tailor their message to local markets. We always make sure the message stays relevant for one or multiple cultures.


There is always someone on

Covering all timezones from LATAM through EMEA all the way to APAC, there's always someone where you are, ready to respond to questions and help out.

We want to work with you!

As our client or as our teammate, the choice is yours


Client seeking 
an agency to work with?

Let's connect and discuss what are your goals and needs.

Artist seeking 
an agency to work with?

Check out our current open positions, we are always on a search for great talents.