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Get a customer advocacy professional started on your team right now!

Wings4U Staff augmentation
Looking for the right person in the customer advocacy space can be daunting.
But with Wings4U's Staff Augmentation service, your search ends here: our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals are experts in customer advocacy and are ready to assist you. 

Our staff augmentation solutions cater to your specific needs, whether you require additional expertise to "do more with less" or need an extra pair of hands to get started immediately.

Our service makes it easy for you to focus on the bigger picture.

Our team members can support you on projects, such as:


Recruitment & Fulfillment
  • Fulfills reference requests for Sellers and Marketers.
  • Scans sales pipeline and proactively offers references to sellers.
  • Coordinates with internal stakeholders nominations gathering and building recruitment pipeline. 
  • Creates logo walls/industry slides


Technology Implementation
  • Implementing platforms and setting up dashboards.
  • Automating processes and integrating different tools for efficiency.
  • Executing advocacy data migration and systems integration.


  • Crafting compelling storytelling and maintaining the brand tone of voice alignment.
  • Customer stories pipeline management, production, and distribution. (+40 languages).


  • Customer Advocacy Management Dashboards & Reports
  • Connecting customer advocacy with KPIs.
  • Offering a 360° vision of the business and meticulous attention to detail.


Project Management
  • Guaranteeing quality and timely delivery of digital content.
  • Ensuring smooth project operations through organization and methodical approaches.
  • Planning and management CABs and other customer programs.
  • Running Reference program adoption processes.
  • Customer Advocacy playbook creation.

Let us know what you need to complete your advocay team, and we’ll do the rest.

Our Clients