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Talent hub

Join us in celebrating success, from wherever you are. Get your Wings.

We are on a constant search for exceptional talents to join us on our journey. If you are searching for a remote-based job or assignments, then you are in the right place.

100 remote based agency

100% remote based agency working for global brands

Wings4U is a 100% remote B2B success agency working with global brands. We were born in the cloud, and we happily reside here, where talented professionals get the chance to work with global brands disrupting the technology landscape, transforming corporate structures, empowering organizations across the world or modernizing the way business is done. We come together to tell their success stories.

Here are several highlights before we get to the details

opportunity to


Work from anywhere

Joining our team means you'll be able to work from wherever you are, continue to travel and enjoy your life, while still being able to make a difference through the storytelling for global brands. No offices, just your laptop & Wifi.


Tell stories of global brands

Our content combines the best of creative writing and reportive journalism. You'll get to interview impressive business leaders and tell their success stories through authentic content.


Get fair pay, always on time

Joining Wings4U means you're joining a 150+ strong team of artists. We respect talent and have built our entire business to ensure that you're getting a fair rate and payments on time.


Join a global community

Our artist network is our strongest asset. We provide training, create opportunities to grow, and facilitate partnerships between individuals and agencies that might benefit from working together.


Join us in telling the stories


Per project, MEA & APAC
Wings4U is searching for videographers, directors, and full video crews to work with us on video projects in the APAC & MEA regions. We are addressing talents and agencies around the whole region to find the right partners for long-term cooperation.

Graphic designer

Per project, MEA & APAC
Wings4U is searching for graphic, creative and illustration designers to work with us on projects in the APAC & MEA regions. We are addressing talents and agencies around the whole region to find the right partners for long-term cooperation.

Content Writers & Journalists

Per project, Remote
Wings4U is searching for gifted storytellers and interviewers fluent in English and additional languages (as listed in the application form) to join our global network of writers.

Copy Editor - Marketing Content

Remote in EMEA, Middle East or South-East Asia time zones
We are looking for talented and motivated marketing copy editors. If you have an attentive eye, passion for technology and a love of storytelling, this position might be perfect for you.

Creative Technical Director (Video)

Per project, APAC
Wings4U is searching for a freelance Creative Technical Director to work on B2B video projects for our APAC-based clients. We are addressing talents in the APAC timezones to find the right partner for long-term cooperation.

Art Director (Graphic)

Per project, Remote, EMEA/APAC
Wings4U is searching for a freelance Art Director to work on B2B graphic design projects for our APAC and EMEA based clients in collaboration with our freelance graphic designers on each region.

Technical Writer EMEA

Per project, Remote, EMEA
Wings4U is searching for a freelance Technical Writer to work on marketing content creation for our B2B EMEA-based clients.

Global Reference Manager

Full-time, Remote, Contract
Wings4U is searching for a seasoned Global Reference Manager to work on building a strategic customer reference portfolio and to nurture strong relationships with stakeholders across sales and marketing organizations.

Content Production Manager

Full time, Remote, EMEA
We are searching for a remote Content Production Manager to lead content projects in the EMEA timezone, and to connect the creative teams and clients in a seamlessly coordinated flow!

Marketing Manager

Full time, Remote, EMEA

We are searching for a Marketing Manager in EMEA region. If B2B marketing is your thing, if you are independent, hands-on, and you prefer remote work and technology- take the opportunity and join our growing team!


Even if you don't recognize yourself in any specific position but would like to work with us, go ahead and apply! We'd love to hear from you and know more about your expertise!

You are in good company

Over the course of our journeywe've had the opportunity to work with some of the most inspiring brands in the world. This is possible only thanks to the network of talented people, like you.