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Tech writers,

Welcome to the workplace revolution

Wings4U is searching for a freelance Tech Writer to work on marketing content creation for our B2B EMEA-based clients. We are addressing talents in the EMEA timezones to find the right partner for long-term cooperation.

You will find all the necessary information about us, the background of the projects, and requirements below.

100 remote based agency

100% remote agency working with global brands

Wings4U is a 100% remote marketing agency telling stories about customer success with global brands like Microsoft, Visa, Citrix, and others. We give wings to our clients and people we work with, to design better lives and businesses. We've embraced the digital workplace revolution - we were born in it more than 10 years ago when people were still shrugging their shoulders about global remote teams. Now, we're leading by example - and we'd like to invite you to join our global network of artists!

Here are several highlights before we get to the details

Opportunity to


Work from anywhere

Joining our team means you'll be able to work from wherever you are, continue to travel and enjoy your life, while still being able to impact the storytelling of global brands. No offices, just your laptop & Wifi.


Tell stories of global brands

Our content combines the best of creative writing and reportive journalism. You'll get to interview impressive business leaders and tell their success stories through authentic content.


Get fair pay, always on time

Joining Wings4U means you're joining a 150+ strong team of artists. We respect talent, and have built our entire business to ensure that you're getting a fair rate and payments on time.


Join a global community

Our artist network is our strongest asset. We provide training, create opportunities to grow, and facilitate partnerships between individuals and agencies that might benefit from working together.

Let's dive into expectations,
for our global network of artists

about the job

The basics

Why should you apply

  • You will join a global network, a community of professionals, and enthusiasts in storytelling.
  • You will be treated as a partner, not just a supplier.
  • You will get a flow of projects with clear brief and expectations.
  • You will have a chance to grow and support the growth of others.
  • You will have the opportunity to grow your business via a long-term relationship built on trust and respect.

Whom we are looking for

  • Creative individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who provide high-quality video creative direction.

Whom we are not looking for

  • Writers with financial, hardware focused writing experience, technical writers with no experience in marketing.


What we'll expect from you

  • Demonstrable experience/portfolio of tech marketing content showcasing commercial work. 
  • Commitment during the onboarding process, to understand our storytelling framework, requirements, production process, and best practices for client interactions.

What you can expect from us

  • A consistent brief accompanying every project, with all necessary details, clear expectations and production timelines. 
  • Production process at the Standard of Awesome, which creates a pleasant experience for both the production team, as well as the client. 
  • Timely payments for every project delivered. 
  • A supportive team to guide you through the onboarding process and assist you during projects.

Position details


  • Set the general outline of interview questions, technical and broader perspective, which will help understand how the solution helps the organization achieve its goals, what were the technical requirements for implementation, challenges, success, and impact.
  • Optionally, carry out the interviews with subject matter experts
  • Work with gathered research (quotes, architectural diagrams, other research material) to craft technical marketing content that will be instructive, as well as engaging to the target audience.
  • Work closely with the production team (production manager, editorial team, etc) to deliver the content on time, and with quality

What does a typical project look like?

  • It all starts with a brief, which contains information about the key messaging, timelines of implementation, overview of the solution (why, what, how).
  • This is followed by research you would do, which will help identify questions to cover in the interview(s). 
  • 1-2 interviews are scheduled with the subject matter experts. 
  • With research in hand, copywriting begins. You would work with feedback provided by the editorial to focus in the story.
  • During reviews, minor tweaks could be required to clarify some technical parts. For others, chief editor attends those changes. 

application info

What's next

Submit your application

  • Please submit your application and any questions using the form below. 

How we will select from the proposals

  • Experience
  • Client references
  • Pricing

Ready to apply?

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You are in good company

Over the course of our journey we've had the opportunity to work with some of the most inspiring brands in the world. This is possible only thanks the network of talented people, like you.


Please fill out this form to submit your application. This will help us navigate through hundreds of applications and get in touch with you quicker.