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Wings4U is hiring

Marketing Program Manager

Remote in EMEA

Wings4U is a global B2B content marketing agency. We work with international clients and their customers to celebrate success and turn it into revenue growth. 

We are currently on the lookout for a seasoned Marketing Program Manager based in the EMEA region. If you have experience in stakeholder management and a background in B2B marketing or business development, this position is most likely a great fit for you!

You are a perfect candidate if you have worked with tech enterprise organizations, you speak and write fluent English, and excel in strategic relationship building. Even more perfect if you prefer to work remotely!

Your job will be:

Program leadership & advocacy:

  • Create and build client relationships with stakeholders and establish a positive customer experience across the organization
  • Create awareness about the program and become the leader within the organization on customer evidence and the go-to person for related activities
  • Keep stakeholders informed, updated and aware of any blockers in the project delivery, getting resolutions to blockers on time and being able to implement fast resolutions
  • Become the authority on anything and everything related to the program, being able to spot potential blockers or opportunities to push forward new stories 
  • Become the trusted advisor within the clients organization by sharing best practices, highlighting opportunities and solving potential blockers.
  • Coordinate and align with stakeholders, subsidiaries, account teams within the client's environment
  • Responsibilities do include program communication from top-down and bottom-up, branding consistency, goal setting and KPI management along with stakeholder management
  • Become an active communicator and listener within the organization. Have excellent communication and presentation skills. 

Program management:

  • Manage regular follow-ups with stakeholders 
  • Handle handovers between program management and production, to ensure full knowledge transfer, alignment in terms of goals, timelines, deliverables, and client/customer expectations
  • Prepare for and lead meetings with key stakeholders
  • Anticipating stakeholders questions based on past experience, and ensuring that relevant answers are found in advance
  • Monitoring of ongoing productions to ensure no deviation
  • Manage compliance of PR agreements, lead forms, and deliverables 
  • Monitor brand guidelines and operational changes to ensure program alignment with the latest instructions. Stay aligned with relevant teams to ensure that information is shared timely to minimize the impact on program and productions
  • Data management of reporting tools to ensure that stakeholders have access to the latest information 
  • Regularly responding to ad-hoc questions from the program stakeholders

Quality assurance and reporting:

  • Report progress and status of projects to relevant stakeholders, flag relevant deviations (requires excellent communication and presentation skills, both oral and written/visual)
  • Stay up to date and assure overall quality in alignment with brand requirements (messaging, design, quality standards)
  • Highlight best practices and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Work with internal team to improve project and production methodology with changing business priorities landscape

You already have:

  • Proven track record working cross-functionally with business unit stakeholders, establishing customer relationships, and delivering exceptional customer experience
  • 5+ years of corporate experience in client-facing roles (program management, account management, advocacy/reference management, business development)
  • Fundamental understanding of technology: cloud, digital productivity tools, business apps. Knowledge of presentation and reporting tools, such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel, SharePoint, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • Data maintenance experience to monitor progress, update reports, identify gaps, or deviations
  • Proactiveness (finding the answer, if you don’t know) and ability (availability) to respond to stakeholder questions and requests within 24 business hours
  • Ability to identify opportunities within conversations with stakeholders in order to develop the business further.
  • Fluent English, verbal and written

Additionally, you may have:

  • Experience in a project management role in the marketing field
  • Experience in a B2B agency environment
  • Experience with content strategy and content planning
  • Experience or in-depth familiarity with customer evidence/reference/advocacy
  • Familiarity with content writing, editing, video and/or design



100% remote based agency working for global brands

Wings4U is a 100% remote B2B success agency working with global brands. We were born in the cloud, and we happily reside here, where talented professionals get the chance to work with global brands disrupting technology landscape, transforming corporate structures, empowering organizations across the world or modernizing the way business is done. We come together to tell their success stories.