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Wings4U is hiring



Wings4U is a global 100% remote B2B marketing agency. We are looking for local video fixers in EMEA and APAC regions to support our global video directors for local filming. You should be knowledgeable of local regulations, logistical ducks and will possess filming gear to make our pre-production and production flawless. Best Fixers will have hands-on experience in video production in B2B environment with keen interest to work with global team of professionals. Experience with customer success videos and case studies will be considered a great advantage. At Wings4U, we give wings to people we work with and help each other maintain a work-life balance. Working remotely, with a global team of storytellers through engaging written and visual content, you are encouraged to grow personally and professionally. This is an opportunity to work with global clients, telling their fantastic success stories through video.


  • Procures/ provides equipment based on project requirements
  • Makes sure crew requirements are met
  • Manages logistics: scouting, on-site, transfers
  • Obtains local permits, if applicable
  • Supports with filming on location based on project requirements.
  • Provides translation support if subjects are not able to converse in English

Must have skills:

  • Expertize in video production
  • Ability to manage projects & logistics in a timely manner
  • Excellent communication and organization skills
  • Fluency in English and a local language


100% remote based agency working for global brands

Wings4U is a 100% remote B2B success agency working with global brands. We were born in the cloud, and we happily reside here, where talented professionals get the chance to work with global brands disrupting technology landscape, transforming corporate structures, empowering organizations across the world or modernizing the way business is done. We come together to tell their success stories.