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Wings4U is hiring

Copy Editor - Marketing Content

Remote in Europe or Middle East or South-East Asia

Wings4U is a global B2B content marketing agency. We work with international clients and their customers to celebrate success and turn it into revenue growth. 

Currently, we are looking for talented and motivated marketing Copy Editors. If you have an attentive eye, passion for technology and a love of storytelling, this position might be perfect for you. Through our content, we strive to shine a light on people’s success and create stories that convey the authentic experiences of organisations working together to achieve great things. Whether you’re based in Europe, Middle East, Africa or South-East Asia regions, if you’re capable of proofing a copy of any errors and maintaining the tone of voice of a brand, please read on!

We aim to create an editorial team covering the key regions we develop content for - Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. This is a long-term collaboration agreement project-based role. As our partnership grows and collaboration continues, we will be looking to set up a Chief Editor for each of our key accounts from the existing editorial team, to ensure quality standards and storytelling improvements (formats, structure, etc).

What you can expect:

  • You would be dedicated to one or two key accounts, and learn everything there is to know about that brand’s tone of voice, syntax and grammar rules, vocabulary, terminology and solutions
  • You would copy edit materials in English created for that brand - anything from written stories, through social media materials, all the way to presentation decks
  • You would collaborate with editors from other regions who are working on the same brand, to share ideas, develop improvements, and best practices
  • You would have SLAs to follow and meet 
  • You might be invited to join a review meeting with the client, to discuss content structure or expression, where fitting. You would be comfortable having technical or creative discussions with the client
  • You would be invited to internal meetings with the creative team (copy writers, scriptwriters, etc) to discuss ideas on storytelling, structure, brand.

You already have:

  • Experience in proofreading, editing, and developmental editing of short- and long-form content within SLAs. 
  • Ability to juggle several projects at the same time (usual workload is about 3 stories/week)
  • Experience in the technology field (topics like cloud computing, IoT don’t throw you off) 
  • Experience and ability to work with digital collaboration tools (Office 365, Google apps)
  • Fluent/strong English, verbal and written
  • Your own work device, strong & stable Wifi connection is absolutely crucial to this type of collaboration
  • Ability and willingness to work freelance (based on local regulations & laws in your country).

Additionally, you may have:

  • Experience with content planning, storytelling methodologies
  • Experience or in-depth familiarity with customer evidence/reference/advocacy
  • Content writing, video or design experience.


100% remote based agency working for global brands

Wings4U is a 100% remote B2B success agency working with global brands. We were born in the cloud, and we happily reside here, where talented professionals get the chance to work with global brands disrupting technology landscape, transforming corporate structures, empowering organizations across the world or modernizing the way business is done. We come together to tell their success stories.