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Wings4U - B2B Marketing Campaigns

B2B Marketing Campaigns

We are campaign central when it comes to formulating the right recipe for your success.
Whether you desire to increase sales leads or employee engagement, we can help you reach your campaign goals. Our team of veteran B2B marketers apply innovative tactics and strategy to create a campaign that works.
And we take care of managing all tasks associated with running a successful campaign from content strategy and content creation to metrics.
We can help develop and deploy several types of campaigns: demand-generation, marketing communications and event marketing.
B2B Demand Generation Campaigns
With more B2B marketers chasing prospects down the tunnel, how do you turn them into qualified leads that will keep your sales team smiling? We can help you build a well oiled demand generation machine churning out great content to keep those prospects coming back for more.
Key Parts of the Machine
Content Strategy
Every B2B demand generation marketing campaign starts with strategy. We need to know what we are doing and where we want to go. We work with internal stakeholders to understand your business. We then help you define brand positioning and messaging, SEO keywords, buyer journey, target personas, channel strategy, planning and schedule, and campaign metrics and measurement.
Content Messaging
We also conduct research to identify key insights and relevant topics for your content that will resonate with your target audience. If your content solves your target personas’ problems, then magic may happen. It’s our job to identify those key pain points and then create the right B2B content marketing strategy to help nurture and convert them into leads.
Content Creation
We are storytellers at heart and our goal is to find the stories that matter most to your audience. We then package this content into a well-oiled B2B demand generation machine. We take care of the entire content creation process from sourcing the best writers and graphic designers to ensuring your content is delivered on time.
Marketing Communications Campaigns
We can help with other types of marketing communications campaigns from customer engagement programs to internal onboarding of employees.
Customer engagement
We can help create B2B marketing communications campaigns targeting your net new and existing customer base including welcome kits, nurture emails, quarterly e-newsletters and discussion forum posts.
Employee engagement
Communicating regularly with your employees is also critical and we are experienced in creating content to engage current employees and onboard newbies.
Event Marketing Communications
Events can be stressful. We lighten your load by providing all the B2B content to support your event marketing activities pre-event, during the event and post-event.
Wings4U - Pre-Event Marketing Communication
We’ll direct traffic to your event. We can design and deploy the marketing tactics and assets to attract your target audience, including visuals, invitation emails, an event landing page, online registration and social media assets.
Wings4U - For The Event Assets
For the event
You’re going to need pre-produced video presentations, collaterals, and all the materials necessary for communicating your message. Wings4U wants to make your marketing event an absolute show stopper and handle the details for you.
Wings4U - During The Event Activities
During the event
When your event is live, we are there for you as well. Live shooting, interviews, real time social media content are all crucial components for a marketing event. Our team is ready to support your efforts with a global media platform.
Wings4U - Post-Event Marketing Communication
We extend the chatter and hype surrounding your event long after it’s over. We keep the post-event conversation going through blog posts, videos and ongoing engagement with attendees.
Wings4U Showcase -  Microsoft Field Services Campaign
Microsoft Business Solutions
We drove traffic and engaged FieldOne customers through a high value inbound marketing strategy.
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Wings4U Showcase -  Microsoft VP Sales Nurturing Campaign
We drove traffic and engaged FieldOne customers through a high value inbound marketing strategy.
We developed campaigns and content that established Microsoft as a lifestyle brand, amplifying its value in creating a positive impact on the personal and professional lives of users.
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Wings4U Showcase -  Microsoft End of the Year Promo
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for SMB
Wings4U developed the content to communicate a time limited promotion, providing Microsoft with the voice to market the Dynamics 365 platform as a vehicle to reach out to potential business partners.
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Get Your Own Well-Oiled B2B Demand Generation Machine
Do you want to get your B2B demand generation machine up and running? We’re happy to help you get started!