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Wings4U - B2B International Marketing Programs

B2B International Marketing Programs

Rest easy, we’re here to ensure you won’t have to crisscross the globe and suffer from terrible jetlag.

Are you planning to roll out an international B2B content marketing program such as creating customer evidence content on a global scale but need help navigating the diverse languages, cultures or time zones? Or maybe you are grappling with launching and localizing a B2B marketing initiative in a new continent? We have extensive experience managing complex international B2B content marketing programs from global customer evidence initiatives to regional B2B campaigns in Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, Latin America and the Middle East & Africa. We can help you localize your message and content across international markets while still maintaining your overall corporate brand identity.

Wings4U - B2B International Marketing Programs Structure

Go International with Ease

We can help you go abroad right from your desk. And nothing will be lost in translation.

International program strategy, setup & management.
We can help you design, set up and manage an international B2B marketing program from customer evidence programs to localized B2B marketing initiatives. These can be focused in one region or be global in scale.
B2B Content marketing teams across the world.
We have a network of marketing professionals, content strategists, designers, and videographers across all cultures and countries. They are positioned to create global content in any language to all audiences.
Agile content production throughout all time zones.
We manage the entire process of creating content across all regions even while you sleep. The result? You’ll have great localized B2B content across international channels without the stress of midnight conference calls.
Optimize and scale your global program.
We understand that budgets are tight. We can help you optimize and scale your global program and tap into new regional markets abroad all within your resources. Your growth is crucial to us. We are here to lead you to the next level where your enterprise explodes to the market you want to reach.
Talk like a local.
Our local B2B content teams research and keep on top of the trends in each of the global regions so that your content resonates with the local audience.
One point of contact.
The best part for you? You’ll have just one point of contact in your timezone and we’ll manage all the different pieces of your international B2B content marketing program.

Do Global Right
Let us help you market abroad!
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