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Wings4U - B2B Customer Evidence

B2B Customer Evidence

Our signature product, word of mouth for the digital age.

Customer evidence allows the best salespeople – your happy customers – to share the story of your successful collaboration with the world, earn trust, and nurture prospects.

Scalable and strategically focused customer evidence helps brands align their global goals with local priorities. Delight happy customers by recognizing them as thought leaders, showcase authentic word-of-mouth, and support your marketing and sales engines with customer evidence for any stage of the prospect’s journey. It’s a win-win-win!

Wings4U Customer Evidence

Our Customer Evidence Customers

Wings4U Customer Evidence clients

We help brands communicate customer success with ease

Game-changing effect on your business
When your sellers claim that your product or service is excellent, it sounds like a sales pitch. As consumers, we’ve grown a certain immunity to that. But when your delighted customers are telling the same and elaborate on the exact reasons, then you’re able to bring authenticity and peer insight to the table.
Engaging process & compelling result
Customer evidence creation is a mix of journalism and storytelling, where your happy customers are placed at the front and in the center, as pioneers of transformation, innovation and leadership. The final result is not only an invaluable evidence asset to leverage for marketing and sales, but also a thought leadership element for your customer to promote.
A recipe for repeatable success
Compelling customer evidence drives impact in the consideration and buying stages. But it can yield much more benefit to your business. As Bill Lee, evangelist of customer advocacy states, “Happy customers aren’t just for advocacy to attract buyers, they’re also a powerful resource for improving customer experience and retention.”
Closing the feedback loop
Through authentic and open conversations in customer evidence creation, you’re able to gain new insight on the challenges and hurdles your customers go through when implementing your solution or managing change.
Microsoft CEE Customer Evidence delivered by Wings4U

See how together with Microsoft we've streamlined Customer Evidence creation

We landed a centralized and holistic Customer Evidence Program in CEE, delivering 43 customer evidence content packages and 32 videos.
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Our capabilities

Global 100% remote teams of B2B marketing experts and artists.
Customer evidence assets in any language. Deep localization is our superpower.
Global coverage with experts and artists in 5 continents.
Talented experts and artists well versed in different industries, regional trends and local preferences.

From single customer story creation to programmatic approach scalable across regions.
When a global mindset is your way of life, having a local understanding is crucial. Deep localization is our superpower.

Let customers tell your best stories

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